Husband-wife duo, crushing on each other since birth.

Husband-wife musical duo, crushing on each other since birth.

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Childhood sweethearts, Jordan and Danielle Raycroft form the husband-wife duo known as Raycroft. Jordan and Danielle met in 1991, only weeks after birth (there are photographs to prove it!), and married in May of 2016. Their love story is one for the ages, and they love to tell it! 

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Their parents met and became close friends as Bible College students, and Jordan and Danielle came into the world shortly thereafter.  Danielle brags, "My mother took a photograph of Jordan and I that same year. After having it developed, she put it in a photo album and stuck a word bubble onto the photo over Jordan’s head that read, 'WANNA MARRY ME!?' Guess moms really do know best!"

With ministers for fathers,  Jordan and Danielle moved quite often throughout their childhood. Though they never lived in the same city, their family's friendship would bring Jordan and Danielle together a couple of times a year. Jordan recalls, "Raycroft-Hamm get-togethers were always events to look forward to. I actually used to get my sisters to ask my parents when we'd see the Hamms next to avoid drawing attention to my crush." Although they might not have admitted it at the time, Danielle and Jordan will tell you that they both remember drawing parallels between themselves and the characters of Disney's Swan Princess: the more their families teased about their impending nuptials, the more they would resisted the idea – at least openly. Jordan adds, "deep down, we both hoped to marry each other someday."


In 2015, after falling out of touch for nearly three years, the pair reconnected while Jordan was volunteering in India. "I had actually been praying for a long time that Danielle and her boyfriend would break up", Jordan laughs. "The day I found out Danielle was single, I was in Kolkata, India. I was telling my Dad over FaceTime that I felt God tell me I was going to get married soon - I knew it sounded crazy. Not even two-minutes after I told him that, my Dad received a text through the family grapevine that that Danielle was single. I was absolutely over the moon!" After the call, Jordan grabbed his guitar, and sang the words, "the woman of my dreams is gonna be my wife." 

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Fast forward 2 years, and Jordan and Danielle are living out their forever-honeymoon in Hamilton, Ontario.  Together, the pair seek to honour their Creator with the gifts He has given them: to point people to Him through worship, and songs of love, redemption, and truth.